Complaints Policy

Any illegal content or content that violates the rules of the site can be reported through the button report accessible on each post and content that the model can put online.  Each complaint and content reported will be investigated within 7 working days. After reporting or complaining about an online content, a team will be in charge of opening a file and collecting all the testimonies of the concerned persons as well as all the evidence and details regarding the object under review. After final review, a decision will be made to judge the fate of the content and the person responsible for it. If the content in question has not violated any rules and is not illegal in nature, it will be put back online and the creator will not be sanctioned. If the content is of an illegal nature or has violated the rules of the site, the post will be deleted and its creator will be sanctioned with a warning. If the creator already has 2 consecutive warnings, he will be banned from the site for 30 days. All merchants need to maintain a process that enables any person depicted in the content to appeal to remove such content, and to have the content removed should the outcome of the investigation determine that consent was not given or is void under applicable law. Please also note that should there be a disagreement regarding an appeal, the merchants must allow such disagreement to be resolved by a neutral body so any potential statements contradicting this
will need to be reworded or removed.