How Somymy works?

Somymy is an erotic and fetish marketplace that connects buyers and sellers.

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Become a model and start selling now!

Start earning money now by selling erotic offers on the platform. Custom Videos, 1 on 1 Video Chat, Used Panties and many other categories are highly searched by buyers.

Create your account

It all starts with a form to fill in. You'll be asked for a username (avoid spaces, as this will be included in the URL of your seller page), a valid e-mail address, and to choose a password.

Complete your profile page

Start by adding one or several profile photos, add your date of birth to your personal information, verify your identity with your personal ID documents and finally add a nice description to your page. Don't give out your phone number or e-mail address in public. The description is your chance to introduce yourself, describe yourself and explain what you're selling.

Add new offers to your page

To add new offers, go to the "Shop" page on the website. Here you can create offers for sale. Enter a name, photo, price, delivery time and a short description. You also need to choose the right category!
Try to include attractive photos: that's what sells! In the description you can give details of the service you offer, or how you do it.

Your ads should respect the spirit of the site: don't try to sell inappropriate or out-of-context services, like an ad for paid homework help - there are other sites for that.

Expert advice: look at what's already working and make it your own, with your own personal touch!

Make your first sale

The last and best step ! Now you're a certified model and you can sell unlimited offers on Somymy. Try to login and post regularly so you don't get forgotten on the site. Renew yourself often enough and offer something unique to maximize your earnings.

Become a buyer and fulfill your fantasies now!

Access thousands of models and ads available on the site. Realize your custom fantasies with your favorite sellers and buy anonymously.

Create your account

It all starts with a form to fill in. You'll be asked for a username (avoid spaces, as this will be included in the URL of your profile page), a valid e-mail address, and to choose a password.

Contact the seller

You can buy directly the offer posted by the model, but before going any further, we recommend that you contact the seller you're interested in to see if the service you've spotted is still available or to talk about the details of the ads. To do so, go to the model page in question and click on the "Message" button. You'll then be redirected to your chatbox, where you can chat with the seller.

Place your order

Go to the ad page and click on the "Buy" button. Please note that if you want to order several items, you will need to place several different orders. Then you'll see the total amount estimated by the seller and you’ll be able to confirm your order.

Receive your order

Now all you have to do is enjoy your purchase. Don't hesitate to leave a review to your seller, to help the model improve. If you feel like it, you can also personalize your profile with photos and a description.




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Frequently asked questions

You can sell many erotic services such as cam sessions, custom videos, used panties... Your service must remain legal and not be out of context.
Somymy takes a 20% commission fee on all earnings, so it's important to factor this into your pricing decisions. To optimize your earnings, it's important to set competitive prices within your niche. Research what other models are charging for similar services, and adjust your prices accordingly.
As a beginner, you can start out earning $100/week (based on the average), but this amount can quickly grow to over $1,000/week. These figures remain an average, and your earnings will depend on your content/offers/regularity.
It's totally free, and you can also chat with the models for free.

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